The Circle Kickstarter – For The Cigar/Whisky Friendly Geek

Well, maybe the title is wrong in calling comic book (graphic novels!) readers “geeks” – geek culture has made reading comic books a lot more acceptable and mainstream, right? Anyway, this community was born to glorify adult pleasures, and there’s nothing like a great book to accompany a glass of Aberlour 12 and a phenomenal Liga, and that certainly includes comic books.

An exciting modern genre-mix told in a pulp magazine style.


2013 Old Forester 1st Bottled Birthday Bourbon [REVIEW]

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Old Forester Birthday Bourbon has been flying under the radar for sometime. However, for the 2013 release, there have been some reviews in the blogosphere that have swooned over it – specifically applauding its nose. That had me worried as OFBB was pasted all over Bourbon Exchange. Flipping OFBB? Say it isn’t so! Thankfully the craze for this was muted. There are still plenty in stores in PA if you are looking to buy.


Cigars for Beginners – How To Choose A Cigar Infographic!

The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know. — Socrates

Treat the infographic below like a map for the dark. A beginner cigar aficionado is in the dark. This gives him/her a map. S/he may not yet care about every side note on that map – just want to get out of the dark. Check it out for yourself and see our notes after it: