Russian Roulette is back with Instant Regret Chocolate Roulette

Last time we talked about Chocolate Russian Roulette the product (appropriately called Bite The Bullet) was completely out of stock. Thanks to popular demand, Firebox brought it back, this time with an even stronger pepper extract – a concentrated 1 Million Scoville extract.

World Whisky

From Sherry to Whiskey – The Life of a Cask [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you ever needed a reason to become an environmentalist, consider this:

Without forests there is no wine, no wine, no scotch…

Suddenly, protecting the environment takes a whole new meaning as you tenderly grasp your glass of Aberlour 12. In the infographic below, you see how a 70-80 year old oak tree produces only 2 64 gallon barrels: