Cigars for Beginners – How To Choose A Cigar Infographic!

Infographic is a great start for beginner cigar aficionados. Check out what you know about choosing a good cigar, our tips included!

The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know. — Socrates

Treat the infographic below like a map for the dark. A beginner cigar aficionado is in the dark. This gives him/her a map. S/he may not yet care about every side note on that map – just want to get out of the dark. Check it out for yourself and see our notes after it:


The Finger Pointing

Of course, here’s the nit picking:

  • Smoking a Robusto in less that 1 hour seems really hard
  • Just because something is maduro doesn’t mean it’s full. There are probably more mild maduros available than there are full.
  • Most beginners prefer milder cigars at first, but the graph basically tells beginners to completely avoid more full-body cigars. It’s wrong to assume all beginners will dislike a more powerful cigar.

The Good Stuff

Avoiding Zippos is a good tip – the lighter fluid will give the cigar a funky smell/taste. People use torches because butane is flavor/odorless. The same advice goes for swisher, black n mild, and white owl – these are hardly cigars.

And remember: The cut end always goes in your mouth!

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