2013 Old Forester 1st Bottled Birthday Bourbon [REVIEW]

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Old Forester Birthday Bourbon has been flying under the radar for sometime. However, for the 2013 release, there have been some reviews in the blogosphere that have swooned over it – specifically applauding its nose. That had me worried as OFBB was pasted all over Bourbon Exchange. Flipping OFBB? Say it isn’t so! Thankfully the craze for this was muted. There are still plenty in stores in PA if you are looking to buy.


Cigars for Beginners – How To Choose A Cigar Infographic!

The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know. — Socrates

Treat the infographic below like a map for the dark. A beginner cigar aficionado is in the dark. This gives him/her a map. S/he may not yet care about every side note on that map – just want to get out of the dark. Check it out for yourself and see our notes after it:


Pizza & Chocolate Russian Roulette Games – Bite The Bullet!

Here at WhiskyING we like playing certain games, preferably those involving afflicting some kind of pain to our beloved friends. How about Russian Roulette? Too messy? No more brains all over the rug – in these modern Russian Roulette games, worst case scenario is a really painful visit to the porcelain throne.

Two games, one with a ridiculously hot pepper hidden with 12 chocolate bullets, and another with drops of liquid pepper added to a random slice of pizza, promise to spice up any party.

Brews News

Beer Bros – Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Halts Production, Uses Malt as Flood Protection

The floods caused by the St. Vrain river around Longmont, Colorado, destroyed homes and businesses alike, and Left Hand Brewing was one of the affected. Forced to evacuate, the brewery’s team laid down malt bags in lieu of sand bags, said a spokeswoman in a statement to the Westword. With clearance from the National Guard, the brewery now plans to reopen the tap room and is now focused on its upcoming Oktoberfest celebration this Friday and Saturday in Roosevelt Park.

World Whisky

Wiser’s Legacy – J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Pinnacle Rye Blend

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Don’t be fooled by the lack of an age statement, or the fact that it’s not the most expensive entry in the Wiser’s portfolio, Wiser’s Legacy may be the absolute best whisky that the company makes—and possibly the best Canadian whisky there is out there.

It’s made from the recipe that company-founder J.P. Wiser was working on just before his death—a rye-heavy whisky (actual rye, unlike some Canadian whiskies: the only non-rye content in Legacy is a small amount of barley to assist in the fermentation/distillation process) made using traditional copper pot stills and aged in fresh, toasted oak.

World Whisky

Bakery Hill Peated Single Malt – Cask Strength from Australia

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Age: NAS ABV: 59.8 %


Redbreast 15 years old – Single Pot Still Irish Whisky

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Redbreast 15, 46% ABV

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey


My 1st Liga Undercrown from Drew State – Thoughts Below

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There’s obviously a lot of hype over drew estate cigars, especially undercrowns and Ligas and such, so, when I managed to pick up an undercrown from a B&M, I was pretty excited.

First off, the construction was absolutely magnificent, very tightly wrapped with no stems in the wrapper, it’s a beautiful stick. Not to mention the band is gorgeous. I had forgotten my cutter at home so I had to use the shitty guillotine cutter the shop handed me