Yellow Spot 12yr Review – Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Yellow Spot has recently been reintroduced as a 12 year old whisky. A smashingly good whisky, which well deserves the praise it’s receiving

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Yellow Spot has recently been reintroduced as a 12 year old whisky. It’s garnered a lot of praise since its release, even winning Whisky Advocate’s Irish Whisky of the Year Award. I liked it NAS brother Green Spot, but Redbreast 12, another single pot still whisky from Midleton Distillery, was a real favorite. I think Yellow Spot has a good chance to follow in those footsteps, especially considering that is presented at 46% ABV and is non chill filtered. Good stuff!

    • Color: Amber +1
    • Aroma Neat:

French Vanilla, Honey, Caramel, Toffee, Raw Barley, Cocoa Powder/Grist, Cinnamon, Dark Brown Sugar, Fresh Bread (touch of yeast), Baked Apples, Creme Brulee, Nectarine (slightly), Mashed Bananas, European Oak (slightly spicy), Sweet Nuttiness/Almond Paste.

Bourbon, sherry, and malaga casks were used to mature this whisky, and each seems to have something to say. Good wood management has led to a complex and delicious smelling whisky. Malaga is is not something I’ve seen much of either.

    • Aroma Water:

Rich Buttery Oak, Dark Brown Sugar, Molasses/Rum (slightly), Wood Oil/Polish, Vanilla Extract, Thick Custard, Apricots/Pits, Hard Water (mineral), Fresh-Made Caramel, Bananas Foster (slightly), Cooked Grains

Darker and sweeter than neat. I didn’t think the nose could get much better, but it’s stellar now. A certain oiliness is my favorite bit. The freshness of the bourbon casks supports the rest, much like how grain whisky supports and compliments the malt in a good blend.
Yellow Spot-main

    • Taste Neat:

Apple Reduction, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Almond Paste, Buttery Oak, Malty Barley, Woody Vanilla, Banana, Toasted Wood/Light Char, Slate/Mineral.

Plenty of interesting wood influence going on, but not a wood-dominant whisky. Just a great example of what it can add.

    • Taste Water:

Apple Reduction, Buttery Oak, Gentle Tannins, Toffee, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Apricot Jam, Sugar Plums, Light Brown Sugar/Cane Juice, Raw Vanilla.

Quite similar to neat, though a bit fruitier. Still delicious!

    • Finish:

Vanilla, Metallic(copper)/Mineral Tanginess, Plummy/Stone Fruits, Apple Brandy, Woody Char, Flat Ash (slightly), Cream (slightly). The most evidently pot still part of the whisky, with stone fruits and metallic undertones. Medium duration.

ABV: 46%

Excellent and complex nose which manages to be simultaneously rich and clean. Splendid. Balanced palate with pleasing woody sweetness, as a canvas for fruit, spice, and spirit notes. Medium duration finish which is unusually complex.

Rating: 90/100

Yellow Spot is a smashingly good whisky, which well deserves the praise it’s receiving. I only wish it were easier to obtain in the US. Luckily, its fraternal twin Redbreast 12 is very accessible here. Comparing the two, Redbreast is more spirit forward and I feel it shows off pot still whisky a bit more as a style. Yellow Spot derives more of its flavor from wood and is sweeter, but still maintains good balance.

For me, they are opposite sides of a single delicious coin.

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