Jura Superstition Whisky Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Smoke, lime rind, sour syrup, chipotle, apple, charcoal – I love the finish on this one, and it does bring back memories. Abv: 43%.

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I was iffy about scotch for the longest time. Most restaurants don’t really carry that many smokey, peaty scotches. I was out at an Irish bar, a long time ago, and I ordered a random Scotch, which they were out of. The nice waitress offered me the new one they had in stock at a discount, and thus I tried Jura Superstition. And I loved the idea of peat and smoke.

After that epiphany, I started trying more and more, did some other stuff, and now we’re here. Hope you didn’t get lost. I may not always have a bottle of it on hand, however I still have a soft spot for the distillery that got me started on enjoying this great drink we all love.

The Isle of Jura – Subtly Sweet Yet Smoky – Superstition

Abv: 43% – Price: $62.95 (CAD)

Jura whisky-main

  • Colour:
  • Sandy Orange

  • Nose:
  • Lime, peat, sugar cane, salt air, oak, hard rock candy
    This one is pretty simple. A little salt, a little peat, and some sweetness. Nothing too crazy here.

  • Taste:
  • Corn, peat, chocolate, tomato, apple vinegar, salt water, peppercorns
    The initial corn will throw you off on this one. It’s not going to completely go away, however the sweetness will evolve into a nice spicey dram. Again, nothing mind blowing, but nothing bad either.


  • Finish:
  • Smoke, lime rind, sour syrup, chipotle, apple, charcoal. I love the finish on this one, and it does bring back memories. Can’t go home again? Poppycock! This is still nicely smokey and sweet. A good segue-way between Canadian whisky and Scotch. Again, it’s a medium, non-complex finish.

Conclusion: Nostalgia is a hard thing to buck. Part of me wants to rate this super high and be the savior that Jura wants. But I can’t do that. This is a good, not great, simple dram. It doesn’t really do anything powerful, it doesn’t blow you away, and it only has small parts of it that one would identify as an island whisky. Is it horrible? No. It’s not heavily, it’s my brother…. wait, no it isn’t. It’s my Scotch. Gotta take my meds.


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